A geothermal plant is a good investment.

Geothermal plants become extra interesting if our customers do not have to invest large sums in new plants! We can finance geothermal plants and thus accelerate the transition to emission-free energy.

We offer business arrangements that span the entire scale from owning the entire facility to the customer owning it. All alternatives in between where we are co-owners may also occur.

The production cost for geothermal energy compares well with other types of energy and the plants are excellent alternatives to bioenergy plants. During operation in a deep geothermal plant, only electricity is required for the circulation pumps and that energy is at most a few percent of the energy that the plant delivers.

The investment in a geothermal plant is relatively high, while the cost of producing the energy is very low, so the total investment is very profitable and long-term.

A semi-deep plant utilizes the energy down in the rock via heat pumps and with the low production costs for the plants and the very high COP values, the payback times are short.

Energy storage in a semi-deep plant allows you to utilize energy that is otherwise lost. Furthermore, the fact that one can pump very hot water into the system without damaging sensitive hoses or other components also increases the applications and efficiency.