Who we are

A young company with long experience!

Aktiebolaget Geotermi Sweden is a young company with long experience from drilling, geo-energy and geothermal energy. Together with our partners, we have hundreds of years of combined experience so we are well equipped to take overall responsibility from sketch to turnkey installations.

A company that can finance your energy conversion!

Sometimes it is difficult to manage large investments in new technology, even if they are necessary. You may be forced to choose alternatives that require lower investments but instead result in higher operating costs. We can solve these problems. Our company group has the opportunity to finance deep geothermal facilities, either wholly or partly in a joint ownership with you.

We have access to the latest, most advanced machines and methods, which means more efficient production of the geothermal plants and better ability to produce them as desired.

We have the key to a successful energy conversion.

Of course, we have more information about geothermal energy and what our offers look like, but before we reveal more we want to sign a confidentiality agreement with you. Below, there will soon be suggestions for such downloads.