if the climate really is important

Aktiebolaget Geotermi Sverige, ABG

If climate is important, we must stop emitting carbon dioxide. A good way is to phase out combustion plants and replace them with geothermal energy. We offer total contracts of geothermal energy plants. Plants can be built for district heating systems and in places with higher ground temperature, district cooling and electricity can also be produced. Geothermal energy is an excellent base load energy that provides energy around the clock, year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Deep geothermal

At deep geothermal we drill deeper and create a larger underground heat exchanger. We may also need to drill more holes to create sufficient volume and flow.

Semi-deep geothermal

Semi-deep geothermal heat is suitable for smaller plants where the needs do not require the large depths and flows required for the larger plants and are adapted to heat pumps. 

Energy Storage

Geothermal energy storage means pumping excess energy into the rock without having to take into account components sensitive to high temperatures so that water with very high temperatures can be pumped down into the rock. 

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